Nepal, we are arriving soon!

Finally! Departure day!

In Helsinki-Vantaa airport ready to leave!

In Helsinki-Vantaa airport ready to leave!

We started our trip from Helsinki-Vantaa airport, where we left at Qatar Airways flight 15.10.2018 18.10 PM. Right on time. We arrived to Doha airport in midnight, where we spent three hours layover, and 3.15 AM we got up to a plane again. We landed to Kathmandu in 10.30 AM at local time.

Qatar airways is already familiar to us. We have flied in their planes before. Have to praise them! Great service, great food, many new movies on the flight and usually flights are always on time! Otherwise the air travelling is a little bit harsh for us both. Long time sitting still is frustrating and leg hurts and butt hurts and everything hurts. For me (Jenna) somehow the airports causes distress. Eemeli also did mention about that; “ You’re always in a bad mood when we are at the airport!” I just don’t like airports. Eemeli just hates flying itself. Aren’t we a great pair for travelling?

Two very tired persons in Doha airport waiting another flight.

Two very tired persons in Doha airport waiting another flight.

We don’t have a skill to sleep in a plane. We try every time, and we can snooze a little bit sometimes, but we just can’t fall a sleep. So every time when we have a long travel day like this, we are sooooo tired. It didn’t help that we needed to wait two hours in airport for our visas. If you are travelling to Kathmandu, prepare for waiting in the airport! Don’t push yourself for too tight schedule. They already give you foreigners arrival card to be filled on the plane, but you can find it also in the airport and fill it there. Well, about that waiting! First we waited for making visa applications. After that we waited for paying those visas. And after that we waited again for at last getting those visas to our passports. (P.S. You can skip visa application line by filling the application online in your home country in advance and print it out with you. You need a passport photo for that tho.) Three different lines. And we had another security check after that also. So more waiting. (I hope that in the future they could fasten this a little bit..)

Tip for you guys; there is many currencies they accepts nowadays. We took usa dollars with us to pay up that visa, but apparently also euros would be acceptable. I think there was also a possibility to pay up with visa-card. But we recommend to take usa dollars with you, cause it’s common acceptable currency in Asia. We took 90 days tourist visa, which costed us 100 dollars per person, but you can take tourist visas for shorter period time; 30 days is 40 dollars and 15 days is 25 dollars.

So, for fasten up getting your visa we recommend to fill up your visa application in advance at home and print it out and take it with you, take one passport photo with you and the amount of dollars you need and fill up that foreigners arrival card already on a plane, so you can go straight to the cashier counter to pay up your visa before there gets any lines.

Well, after looooong time of waiting we finally got out from the terminal and our pick-up had patiently waited us. It’s a good idea to get a pick-up from the airport to your hostel. Booked pick-up isn’t much more expensive than a taxi. When you are walking out from the terminal, the taxi drivers are all over you. It’s much nicer to walk straight through them to your own ride. So, to the hostel and find some food!

fbzdfgzn (1 of 1).jpg

So, we have spent our first day in Nepal. We have mostly wondered around and enjoyed ourselves. Even though we are very tired at the moment. But we have been brave and stayed awake the whole day. Now we are sitting in our hostels rooftop while the sun sets. In day time the city is loud and busy but in the evening the streets calms down. The city is dirty and rough, but there is some raw beauty in it!

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By the way, this was a first time forever we stayed in a hostel dorm! From that in a next blog post!

The first travel day was a little bit exhausting. There will be many exhausting travel days yet to come.

For the next time!