First experience from hostel dorm.

I texted to my friend after first night in the hostel, that it feels like I’m at school camp again sharing a room with 7 other people sleeping in bunk beds.

So, usual you can find these dorm rooms from the cheapest hostels, where you sleep in the same room with random people with shared bathroom. We had mix dorm room for eight people. Meaning that in one room can be women and men together. You can also find many rooms for only the women travellers. (That’s a great thing for a solo traveling woman.)

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When we arrived to the hostel, they showed us our beds. We also had two lockers to ourselves. Main lobby in downstairs was in free use for everybody with the couches and books. There was also free drinking water available. On the roof top was couple of tables and chairs, where we ate our breakfast.

I think that this was an easy falling for dorm-life while considering our room mates. We chatted this and that with couple from Chile and solo travelling guy from France. When we said that we are too tired from the travel when they asked us to join them going out for dinner, they said while leaving that they try to come back to room very quietly. Well, we fell a sleep at about 7.00 PM., and all of ours six room mates came to the room so quietly that we didn’t even notice it. Very friendly and thoughtful people. Staying the night in dorm-room is quite pleasant.

Our tips for staying night in the hostel dorm for a first time:

  1. Head lamp or some flashlight. You have to have this with you or you wake up everyone else in the dorm while leaving early in the morning or coming late in the evening.

  2. Flip flops. For a shower. Think twice before going to shower without a flip flops. There is a good possibility for getting a fungal skin infection. Our hostels bathroom floor was that filthy that I wouldn’t even think about going to shower without my flip flops.

  3. Padlock/padlocks. For that locker. You can put your valuable stuff behind the locked locker. You can also lock your backpack if you want.

  4. Mummy liner (travel sheet). To return for that filthy; also the hostels sheets might be some kind of filthy. Bringing your own travel sheet gives you peace of mind.

  5. Open your mouth. Communicate. Chat with people. Ask questions. You might get new friend or just someone to talk with. Be social.

Have you stayed in a hostel dorm? Have you got any good tips for us? Please let us know!

Once again; until the next time!