From Kathmandu to Pokhara by bus.

We had a plan to go to Pokhara not until weekend (we arrived on Tuesday), but a local public holiday (lasts a whole week) messed up our plan when there’s none office open. We had planned to take care of our Thailand visas in Kathmandu at first, but oh well. Have to do it later. So, we decided to leave to Pokhara early; on Thursday.


Fingers crossed we hoped that there will be bus tickets left in this short notice. We asked from our hostels receptionist for help. No seats available for normal tourist bus, but there is is still seats left in deluxe tourist bus. The main difference in these buses was that other has toilet and other doesn’t. (That toilet was quite dirty and trying to pee on a bouncing bus, when you don’t want to even touch that toilet seat is a definitely challenging… P.S. Bring your own toilet paper!) The difference in price was 300 nepal rupees, which is about 2,30 euros, so it’s not a big deal in our budget. We took the tickets! We paid from those 2000 nepal rupees in total, which is 15 euros.

In the bus ticket was written that the bus leaves at 7.00 AM. But from where? The receptionist told us to come down stairs at 6.40 AM. We were there 6.40 AM. So was this adorable (maybe 140cm tall) young man worker who could say in english “it’s okey” and “nevermind”. He tried to told us something, but he couldn’t speak english and we couldn’t speak nepali. At 6.45 AM english speaking receptionist came to the hostel and told us that we are waiting for two chinese lady who couldn’t get out of the bed. At 6.50 AM “it’s okey”-man waves his hand to us and starts to walk away. For a second we were thinking that should we follow him now, when receptionist says to us: “Yes yes. Go with him. I’m sorry, he’s new!” He smirks and gives a laugh. So we started to follow our small non-english speaking friend and hoped to get to a right bus, or to a bus at all.

We walked to the edge of the road to wait, and soon there was coming many tourist buses. Eventually ours came also and we get on board. To the Pokhara!

In Nepal roads goes in a zigzag way along the mountainside and through the small villages and the roads aren’t in a good shape. Views was beautiful and bus ride was bumpy. There is just about 200 kilometers from Kathmandu to Pokhara, but because of the shape of the roads, the bus ride takes about something between 6 and 10 hours. Our ride was 7,5 hours long. We stopped one time for half and hour for toilet and lunch.


7,5 hours went quite easily. We actually didn’t even do anything in the bus. We didn’t read, wrote, surfed on the internet or played anything. We just sat in there 7,5 hours. We tried to nap, we ate and talked. Most of the time we just looked out of the window for views. During the last hours in the bus legs and butt started to hurt a little bit, but then you just had to put pillow under your butt and try to change the position.

If you are staying the night in popular area at lakeside road front of the phewa lake, you can easily walk from the Pokharas bus station to there. There is only couple of kilometers walking, and mostly just going straight on, so it’s hard to get lost. We walked from the bus station to the lakeside road for lunch/dinner and our guest house, names Pushpa guest house. This time we have our own room and our own bathroom also. We can highly recommend this guest house. The family who owns it, is amazing; they are so helpful and friendly. Our room costs us 9 euros per night. So it’s not pricey at all. The mattress in the bed is a little bit harsh, hot water comes randomly and there comes power cuts now and then, but those are small things! Location is perfect; close up for anything you need.

Pokhara was definitely different than a Kathmandu. Here is more relaxing and laid-back atmosphere. We are waiting to get to know Pokhara more in up coming days!