Yay! We have quitted our jobs and we have moved out from our apartment! Now we are still spending these two last weeks in Finland. Well, we have only one week left. I have heard almost a million times the question; “ Well? How does it feel now?” So has Eemeli.


Well, we don’t know how we feel! The last day at work felt just the same than all other workdays. We know that we are not going back, but it just feels like we are on vacation and we are going back after. It’s hard to explain. I don’t know how long it takes to really realize that we aren’t going back to our former jobs.

Anyway the last week at work was full of chaos because we had a moving away from our home going on at the same time. We didn’t have the time to think deeply about anything. We just hoped to have more hours in a day. Moving out from apartment is always irritating, but before we just moved our stuff from one apartment to another, but now those stuffs just had to “vanish” in somewhere.

It felt so great to leave our apartment. It’s weird how great it feels. We moved to Eemelis moms living room for the rest two weeks in Finland. Big thanks to her for that!

We have made test packing many times and cut out stuff over and over again. Eventually we have to fit in everything for those backpacks on one way or another.

By the way it feels kind of funny to “ say goodbye” to people. Like we would go to a some another planet where no one couldn’t reach us. People have hugged me and I have thanked them from “Good luck for your travel!”- wishes and wish also to workmates, customers, friends friends and grannys cousins cats a great life. We are running around to see everybody. The last weeks in Finland has been very much with schedule. Someone asked us; “How have your vacation started?” And Eemeli and I gave a laugh at the same time; “What vacation?!”

So that this wouldn’t seem too much like whining, I have to say it’s so great to have these amazing people in our lives who wants to see us for the last times before we are leaving for our trip. We don’t really know when we are seeing each other again. For those people I would gladly run around madly on here and there!

We are homeless and unemployed young adults. And completely voluntarily! Of course not forever. But at least for a half a year we can live freely with our savings.

One of my former work mates said to me on our last workday together; “ I’m not going to wish you happy rest of your life. I’m going to wish you happy new life!”

For a new life! Looking forward to it!

(p.s. This blog post was just full of random thoughts from these last weeks. These thoughts and feelings is hard to phrase in rationally way, so you just have to read it the way it is in my head. And it’s disorganized!)