Annapurna circuit - rough start.

The legendary Annapurna circuit! The trek should be amazing! It usually takes about 17 to 21 days to complete this trek. We were thinking that we are spending about 21 to 24 days in a trek. We didn’t take a guide or a porter. We carry all our stuff by ourselves and the route is so obvious that we can’t get lost. We have read a lot from the circuit on the internet, and we actually have printed advice from the trek on paper with us and of course a proper map.

 two very happy ones starting the trek.

two very happy ones starting the trek.

On first day we were full of enthusiasm! The weather was warm and views were great. Well, let’s start walking! On first day we trekked all day from Bhulbhule to Syange. At first trekking felt quite easy, but on end of a day the backpack felt so heavy. When we ended our first trekking day, we both were super tired. Every muscle ached. After we chose our guest house, we just took a shower, ate and went directly to bed. We fell a sleep 7.00 PM. We have never done anything like this, so our bodies might get a little shock. On the evening I had also started to sneeze and my throat was aching. Damn it, don’t need a flu in addition for this.

 From here it goes!

From here it goes!

On the next morning my throat ached even more but otherwise I felt quite okey, so we continued trekking. In these altitudes (about 1000m) temperatures are still pleasantly warm and you can easily trek with shorts and t-shirt. In the mid day sun feels burning. At lunchtime I felt worse. I didn’t feel well and my throat ached so bad that i wouldn’t want to speak. We decided to cut short our trekking for the day and we continued just about two hours more for a next village called Chyamche (1430m) and we stayed there. I went directly napping and woke up not until dinner time.

There’s not much pharmacies in the mountains, so we ended up to medicate my flu with tea, local herb oil and vodka (for disinfect my throat). We even selected garlic soup for dinner. Locals say it helps with altitude sickness. Maybe it helps with flu too?

 Lunch break while enjoying these amazing views!

Lunch break while enjoying these amazing views!

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I don’t know what from these our self-medicate things did the magic but on next morning I felt alright and energetic, even tho still sneezy. Throat didn’t ache anymore. We decided to keep on going but slowly.

Until for now we hadn’t seen many other trekkers, but in Daraphani (1860m) there was many other hikers in our guest house; there was aussies, british, spanish etc. For the first time we had to queue for a shower. For a ice cold shower. We had had hot water until now in every village. There was usually hot water boilers in showers. But not in this guest house. In the other hand, luckily. Because everybody took a very quick shower, so the shower queue moved on rapidly. The happy surprise was the wifi connections. Wifi really worked! Guest houses are pretty simple and evenings started to feel little bit chilly, so you started to wear a jacket on inside also.

On the next morning I crawled sniffling to the dining hall for breakfast, where one aussie guy laying on the chairs, also sniffling. When he saw me, he said good morning and asked how i feel (it was pretty easy to see that I have a flu).

“I feel epic.. You?”

“Splendid..” He answers in sneezy voice.

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Well, the feeling wasn’t epic. For neither of us. Eemeli caught the flu from me to himself also. On the fourth day we managed to reach all the way to Chame (2670m) just to notice that we have to rest properly. We stayed there two nights to heal ourselves while drinking a lot of tea and playing cards. Luckily there was a pharmacy in Chame from where we got to buy some flu medicine, strepsils and antibiotics for just in case.

 It’s pretty cold inside already. Evening snack at the bed.

It’s pretty cold inside already. Evening snack at the bed.

From Chame we trekked only one day to Upper Pisang (3300m), where we stayed for two nights again. The flu didn’t want to go away and also Eemeli had some stomach problems. (Maybe some small food poisoning?)

First week of trekking was behind and it had started quite roughly. The altitude didn’t cause us any problems. The flu did. Mornings started to feel way more colder and in the nights you didn’t want to move anywhere from under the blanket, not even for a toilet. In Upper pisang the views was getting even better tho, and the mind stayed positive, because this was just so amazing to be here! After trekking day you feel like a winner!


On the next week we are aiming for a higher altitudes. Hopefully with better health.

Continue in the next post!

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