Quitting job, selling everything and leaving to travel the world? part 1


Isn't it a common dream which a lot of people have? Few of them are actually going to do it. The thought about that you are letting go everything familiar and safe may feel horrifying. 

" I have a nice steady job. Why would i give that up?"

" I have a perfect apartment in a great location. I can't give that up."

" I have spent all my money which i earned from working to build up a home and secure life. Would i throw all that away?"

In our life we are strive to create everything safe and stable and we are terrified about the thought of give that all up. And there's nothing wrong with that, if you do want that steady life. If that permanent job, apartment and life itself makes you happy, then that's great. Then there's people who wonder of something else. They are dreaming for example in this case about travelling, a whole different life, but doesn't have the courage to fulfill their dream, because leaving from the steady life feels too much of a risk. 

We also had had this thought in our heads for a while and we even had disgusted about it out loud about couple of years. Always kind of "kidding", because we can't seriously do anything that crazy, can't we? We both have nice jobs, we have a great apartment with nice location, we have everything to which is required to have a nice life, but that's just not enough. We want something more. Excitement, adventures, experience new things and broke these ordinary, constant days in life. I think we are not meant to stay in one place, at least not in this point of our lives. 

We are still young. We don't have mortgage, no kids or pets and neither of us isn't studying anymore. We don't have nothing to stop us to leave. Nevertheless it took years to ponder the idea in our minds and to wonder if it's going to be worth it. I think it's obvious that we decided that it's worth it. The world is too tempting. There's so much to see and do, so why to settle down yet? What is the rush?

If you never go, you will never know.

Many of us is living "after..." - life.

" After I have got a permanent job..."

"After I have a steady household..."

"After I have paid my mortgage..."

"After when the kids are grown up..."

"After i'm retired..."

We just don't want to live "after..."- life. We are going to do what we want exactly NOW. We are going to jump off this treadmill and go try something whole different. Yes. It's terrifying and exciting, but this decision has given us the kind of enthusiasm we haven't felt for a moment. It gives us new power. 

What is going to happen concretely when these thoughts have crossed in our minds million times and finally the decision about leaving is done? You can read all about that from the next post.

Stay tuned!