Welcome to blog!

Hello everybody behind the screen! We welcome you to Backpacking Madness blog; telling stories about our amazing life change. 

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We are a young Finnish couple going on a long backpacking trip. This have been long-term dream for both of us and now we are finally doing it. We are going to quit our jobs, let go our apartment and sell basically everything we own. We already have plane tickets bought to October, when we are starting our trip, but we don't have any plans for coming back. We are going to travel as long as we can.

The essential content in our blog will be around backpacking. We will tell you about the destinations, share tips and hacks, and share our thoughts that we are having during this trip. We are leaving only with backpacks to see and experience all new things, but we also aim at travelling with low budget. 

You can find more explicit introductions from ourselves from our website, as well as all the blogs and vlogs. Blogs are in Finnish and English, and vlogs are only in English. 

And of course follow us on Instagram! We are intending to offer you interesting content, a lot of useful information and give tons of inspiration for those who loves some adventures! 

Hope we did catch your interest! And once again; welcome!