Quitting job, selling everything and leaving to travel the world? part 2

We continue from the thoughts about previous post to what happens after decision is made.

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Well, what is happening after we have said out loud: "Okey! Let's do it! We are going to leave!"?

I can't say how does it feel from Eemelis point of view, but in my head I had feelings from fear to anxiety, but the enthusiasm took the victory from fear.

We immediately started to plan how we could enable this trip; how much would we need savings, how long we have to save up, what we need to have and get and what practical matters we have to take care of. We did a lot of research about everything and started to create a budget and how much should we save, and how we can save it. From the beginning we were very determined and systematic. I'm not going to open these subjects in here any more, because there is coming posts about those later on. 

At first we were counting, that we would leave after two years from that moment. Very quickly the time schedule shortened to one year. There's no way we are going to wait for two years! It was July of 2017, when we decided that we would leave in October of 2018. And that time schedule is still on! 

We kept it ourselves at first and just planned it. Only when the plans were clear and the up coming trip was 100% certain, we told it to our families and friends. 

We had to make a changes in our expenses and at least my way of seeing need of material has change a lot. When you know, you have to give up almost everything you own, you started to notice how much you have unnecessary stuff. In some point i actually started to feel anxiety about all the material that I own, and how I just want to get rid off it. Some may think this is too hippie for me to say, but it feels liberating to get rid of everything. I don't need all this stuff and all these clothes. I would get along with far less. And i will.

I think quitting your job feels hole different to Eemeli than me. Eemeli has changed his workplace many times. I haven't. I have been in same company over five years. I spend five days a week, every week in there. It's familiar and secure workplace with familiar co-workers. My job is one of those the most stable things in my life, so it feels a little bit odd to think, that i'm not going there anymore to work on familiar environment and see the same faces every day. A regular job gives you that secured feeling. You know, that the money which will cost your living is always coming. When you are quitting that job and don't have any idea to get another one, takes away all that feeling being secured. 

That's why we have our savings  and we're not too picky about jobs. If and when there is a situation when we need more money, we are going to get it from everywhere we can.  I believe that if you really want to work, you are going to find it. 

Would you like to do what we are doing? Well, why don't you?

There is coming detailed posts about planning a trip and make it happen and about everything you need to know and what you need to consider. Want to know what you really need to consider when you are planning trip without a return ticket? Then you just have to continue reading the upcoming posts!