How to save up money for a long lasting trip? Top 5 tips for saving!

The most asked question right after "How long are you going to stay there?" is "How do you have enough money to do that?"
Most of the people may think that you need a lot of money to do this kind of trip. Yes and no. Of course you need more money than a couple of thousands, but you can go to travel for a long time with much less money than many of you think. 
So, let's get to the point; how you can save up?
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Well, of course we all know how to save up money. Just save it. Simple. But it never is.

Salary came, and already it went. Sounds familiar? You do your job, get paid. Then you pay your rent, pay your bills, buy some food and all the things you need for a living. After all this you have left that amount of money that you can save. Some have bigger amount and some have smaller, and some have basically nothing left. Nevertheless, that is the amount of money that you can save. 

Well, why is it common to whine up that there is nothing left to save, although after all the mandatory bills there is still couple of hundreds left? you know, we used to be the persons who whined about this, until we decided to put into effect this dream of ours and we just had to save up money on somehow. We made changes to our way of using money and weirdly there was some money left to save.

So there is our top 5 tips for saving money:

  1. Get a saving account where you can transfer money, but you can't transfer it back to use other than going to bank to withdraw that money. This is an easy way to make sure that the money you save will remain in savings.

  2. Transfer that amount of money you want to save right away when you get your salary. In this way you can't spent it in anything else.

  3. Do not shop for fun. Don't buy anything else than the necessary. The twenty-fifth t-shirt isn't necessary and you don't need ten different kind of lipsticks. Stop to think, do you really need that think you want to buy.

  4. Change to cheaper. Race your electricity contract and cellphone connection. Change for smaller and cheaper apartment. Use public transport, bike or your feet.

  5. The one and only; a coin jar!  Make it, use it. Put all the cash in hands there. Did you get a tip from a customer? Put it to the coin jar. Did you get money for Christmas present from your granny? Put it to the coin jar. The coin jar works! Without a noticing it, you may slowly build up a decent amount of money in there. You just have to promise yourself that you only put money in that jar, never take it out from it.

That's about that! In these ways we did save up a great amount of money, which brings us the opportunity to do this trip.

Do you have any tips for us to add this list?