Long-term travelling; 10 things you need to know before leaving.

So if you want to leave for a trip with peaceful and relaxed mind, you should find out a few things in advance and take care of some practical details. There is some things you should need to know. Of course we have listed them out for you in this post!

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It depends from where in the world are you heading, what kind of vaccines do you need. Make sure you find it out well in advance and go and take those vaccines. Some countries you also may need a malaria prevention drugs. Also if you have any medication for chronic disease or some healthy issues, take care of that the drug prescriptions are okey.


Remember to check that your passport has enough the period of validity. If not, get a new one. You also should take spare passport photos with you for a possible visas.


Find out in advance do you need a visa for the country you are heading and what kind of and how long you can stay in there with it. In some countries you can have the visa from the border, but in some cases you have to get it in advance. In many countries of Asia you need to have a return ticket to show while entering the country, which is a little bit problematic when you are a backpacker and don't know yet where you are heading next. In worst-case scenario they don't let you to enter the plane if you don't have a return ticket to show. Also pay attention to things like are you going to this country by plane, boat or by foot? In some countries the length of the visa depends on how you entry the country.


If you don't already have a credit card, get one. As a matter of fact, get two. Always have a couple of credit cards with you while travelling, but never keep them in the same place. If the other one gets stolen, you still have one left.


How long is the term of notice in your work place? Find out. If you are on rent, remember to terminate the rental agreement on time. Also remember to cancel the home insurance and electricity contract.


How long you have planned to stay on a trip? Example in Finland, if you are continuously abroad one year or less, you are still entitled to Finnish social security. Temporary residence on abroad must also be reported to Kela and registry office. Where do you want your mail to come? Inform the new address to the post office. Are you going to work while travelling? Find out where and how you pay your taxes. Also inform your own bank that you are leaving for travelling, so they aren't surprised when payments come from abroad. In the worse case they shut down your card.


Probably the most important thing is to take a good travel insurance. Compare the insurances of different companies and truly find out what the insurances covers. Many companies in Finland only gives you travel insurances lasting continuously three months. There are foreign insurance companies that provides more long-lasting travel insurances.


If you have money to burn, you probably don't have to thing about this. But few of us have, so this is the thing you should think about. How much money do you have for this trip? For where in the world you are going to travel? How is the price level in there? In what way do you like to travel? How much you expect you to spend? How long you expect your money to last out? Calculate, plan and build up a budget. If you don't have a necessary amount of money yet, start to save up. Sure you can also work while travelling and get money from that. You should calculate the budget by the upper limit rather than lower limit. There are always unexpected expenses.


It could be surprising how hard is to sell everything within specified time limit. Sure you can rent some storage space or ask your parents can you take your stuff to their storage. As long as the apartment is empty when you are moving out. Now you can't just take your stuff and take them to a new apartment. You have to get rid off everything. Flea markets and facebook- flea markets are good place to sell everything. Take advantage of family and friends and ask if anyone wants to buy anything. 


In addition to sell all the spare belongings you may also have to make new purchases. This also depends on that where you are going and what you are doing in there. If you are going hiking, you need a hiking boots, and you need to buy those well in advance, because you have to run those shoes in. Do you need a new suitcase or a backpack? If you choose a backpack, also think about buying some packing cubes or bags to sort out your things in the backpack. Those are handy at organizing and finding things from your backpack. Do you need a new camera, a laptop or anything else electronics at your trip? Maybe some new clothes? Where are you going stay the nights? Need a sleeping bag? Think about where are you going, what do you need in there and is it better to get advance or from destination. If you try to save up some money, take your time while comparing the prices and buy just the necessary. 


Hope this list was helpful for someone.

Do you want to hear more about our own arrangements, our budgeting and plannings? 

You will hear about those things. In the next post!