Our bucket list top 5!

The previous blog post was an inspiration for this post. If you don't know the term "bucket list", it's means a list about those things you dream about and want to do " while you still can". Internet is full on with these lists and we are joining the club!

In the previous post I already told about our number one thing in the bucket list, which is trekking in Himalaya in Nepal. So it's now forbidden from these lists. Both of us listed up five other things which are in our life "to do"- list. There you go!



  • 1. Skydiving. This is the first thing what comes in my mind when someone asks what I have always wanted to do. If I could choose a super power, that would be flying. Perhaps this is the  closest way to experience something like that. (Well yes, it's not flying, it's falling.) I have tried to put this thought of jumping off the plane and fly ( fall) through the air to Eemelis head, but in some reason it needs more persuasion. Odd, isn't it?


  • 2. Try scuba diving. I can't believe that I haven't try this yet. The sea fascinates me and scares me at the same time. Underneath the surface there is a whole different world. I do have some asthmatic tendencies, so I don't know how well I can breath under the water for long time. But I just have to try it and then I know it.
Nimetön suunn.malli (6).png


  • 3. Machu Picchu. I have made an obsession to myself from this. If I want to see some tourist attraction, it's definitely Machu Picchu. And of course I want to go there by Inca trail! Inca trail is incas ancient road to Machu Picchu. It's about four days long awesome hike, but nowadays for each day there is just 500 trekkers limit to start the hike. So you should book the hike early. (And if someone doesn't know now what I'm talking about, it's a ancient inca city located in mountain ridge of Andes in Peru. Google it. Then you want to go there also.)
Nimetön suunn.malli (8).png


  • 4. Learn to surf. I'm from Finland but I have never snowboarded. A nice young guy who taught us to surf ( well, get on the board) last summer in Bali wondered that. I don't know about snowboarding, but I was born for this. I fell in love with surfing at the first time, but damn it was hard. But you don't learn to surf with in couple of days, and I would love to go for actually waves and not just the whitecaps. 


  • 5. Philippines. Well, if someone asks me to say one country where I would dying to go, it would be Philippines. Tropical climate, thousands of islands, beautiful beaches and amazing coral reefs. There is amazing waters for diving, snorkeling and surfing. I wish no more. I have to get there!





  • 1. Surfing / learn to surf. Also mine first time for surfing was last year in Bali and I fell in love it. The first time went surprisingly well when I get on the board at first try. It motivated to keep going. I hope that in the next time I can go and try the "real" waves. 
Nimetön suunn.malli (9).png


  • 2. Open water dive- license. I have scuba dived couple of times a many years ago. The sea somehow scares me a little bit also and I'm nervous every time I dive. Under the surface the world is just so beautiful and different, that I just need to go there. I prove myself over and over again each time i'm diving, that i can face my fears.


  • 3. Korean BBQ. I'm a food enthusiast, so i want to visit South-Korea just for that Korean barbecue. I like the way make dining an event, where you prepare and share food with your friends and family. This kind of way of dining together can take couple of hours.


  • 4. Island hopping in Philippines. Do I need to say anything for this? Thousands of islands, beaches, amazing subsurface world and laid-back way of living. Yes, please.
Nimetön suunn.malli (7).png


  • 5. Driving through the South America with convertible. South America is fascinating continent; the culture, food and nature. It would be a great way to travel through the whole continent with car and stopping whenever you like. It could take some time. Jenna was wondering why with convertible. There's no specific reason. It just belongs in my dream. 


What do you think about our dreams? Did you notice that there is some dreams in common? So probably we are getting to execute some of these together!

This was fun to wonder and write down! Both of us would have many other things to add this list also, but we wanted to keep this short and simple.

Please tell us from your dreams! Maybe we can get some new ideas from those to add our bucket lists.

Until the next time!