Goodbye personal property.


I'm sitting on a living room floor in a pile of pillows and blankets. There is only about a one and a half month for departing and we have really started to get rid off of our stuff. Including the couch. So this pile of pillows and blankets is now our couch. This isn't comfortable at all, but it will do for the rest of the remaining weeks. 

So amazing "couch", isn't it?

So amazing "couch", isn't it?

We don't have any chairs left and only tables in our our apartment are these crummy coffee tables from Ikea. In bedroom we have a mattress as a bed. All the bigger chest of drawers are also sold. Luckily we don't have a lot stuff anymore, 'cause we don't have anything left where to put those.

almost empty bedroom.

almost empty bedroom.

We have under than half of the dishes left. Same goes to clothes. Everything which is condition to sell, we brought to the flea market and the rest of the stuff has been thrown into garbage. Our apartment is starting to look quite empty, but while it happens bit by bit, it's easy to get use to it.

Okey. we do have a one chair in there as a shelf..

Okey. we do have a one chair in there as a shelf..

We have never been really keen on decorating our home or buying really nice furniture in it. We have mainly bought just the necessary. I use the word "mainly" because sometimes we buy really pointless stuff. Good example is popcorn machine. But we don't care about any decorative items and we can't keep plants alive. So our home is quite simple, if the kitchen doesn't count. ( The kitchen is a whole different thing, because Eemeli is a chef, so he is excited to get all this and that to there.) Although we think that we have bought mainly just necessary things to our home, now it feels that we owned a lot of unnecessary stuff. 

We get a lot of wondering from people, that isn't it hard to give everything away. Many of them says that they would never give away everything they own. 

"But seriously, you don't own anything then."

Yep. That's the point.

"Well, you're not really selling every furniture?"

Why wouldn't we? What are we doing with those furniture, when we are not staying here to use them? We didn't have any expensive furniture or stuff which is irreplaceable. There's no sentimental value of them. Those are just things. We can always buy a new ones, if we need to. For now, we don't need anything else than those things which are going to our backpacks, and the rest is kind of useless. 

Doesn't it feel hard to cope with so little?

We had a chat together about this on one evening, and we both felt it to be kind of easy. We have started to getting rid off our stuff about half a year advance, so we have sold things little by little. So, the thing is; every time something goes, we just have to manage without it. You will going to adapt to it quite quickly. 

  • The mattress is very decent bed. No complains from that at all. We can sleep just fine.

  • The pile of pillows is replacing a couch, and it's so uncomfortable, but we will manage.

  • If i wanna sit, I sit on the floor.

  • You don't need a table for eating. But while you are working with computer, you would.

  • Table-wares always runs out, but then you just have to wash dishes more often.

  • Choosing what to wear is easier, because you don't have much to choose from.

  • Cleaning is quicker and easier, and you have a great reason to spend more time outside, cause you just don't want to sit on the living rooms floor. It's not comfy.

The comfort level in our home has dropped massively, but I could stand on my head for the last weeks, as long as I get to fulfill this amazing trip!

It's amazing to find out how your whole mind about a material can change. How it could feel so wonderful to think, that I put this backpack on my back and there is everything I own? It feels crazy and liberating. We no more want to own all those things which we filled our home with. We don't want to own that home neither. For now, we don't want to live in a specific place. We want to go wherever we like to. And that's why the home, furniture and all the things we own would be just a burden. 

Okey, okey, there is few things which are going to our parents houses for being stored;

- Winter coats. Finland is a cold country, and we might visit here in winter, so we will need a warm coat for that.

- Eemelis chef knives. Those things are expensive.

- Jennas books. People are appreciating too little good books. Books are everlasting.


Aaaaand that was a short list. Anything else is coming with us. 

Could you sell away everything you own? Why? Why not?