Is it scary to break away from your everyday life?

"Are you not scared or nervous at all?"

When you are letting go from everything familiar and secure and you are heading to the unknown without a strict plan, people automatically assume it to be scary, or at least that you are a little bit nervous about it. Well, yes! Do you know that feeling in your stomach when something exciting is going to happen? Do you know that thrill of joy which is passing through your body when you are just so jazzed up? New things are exciting and exhilarating, sometimes even scary.


I asked from Eemeli what scares him or making him nervous about this change of life. His answer was; "Flying." Well, I didn't really go for that, but okey. Eemeli is scared about flying. And yeah, we are going to fly. We aim to travel with buses, trains and boats as much as we can, obviously because of Eemeli's fear of flying and because we want to reduce emissions and travel with low budget.

I asked that doesn't he scare anything else, and his answer to that was; "that our money runs out and we have to come back." So we can come to that conclusion that Eemeli doesn't scare that life change itself, but he scares that something goes wrong and the trip isn't happening.

If someone would ask me the same question, I would answer that at first I was nervous as fuck and i felt tingling in my stomach when I decided that "shit i'm going to do that!" I'm not impulsive person. I was rethinking over and over all the reasons why I shouldn't go. I couldn't found a good reason enough to stay. So I became excited about the idea of leaving, so now I feel the same that Eemeli does; I only scare that I would have to come back too soon.

For real, it's hard to answer this right now. We made our decision a year ago, so we have had the time to thing it trough and get to use to idea. At first it felt a little bit crazy idea, but now we are thinking that why we ever even hesitated it. Many have said to us that this is a brave move. Oh? Is it brave to do something different? Perhaps. We don't feel like brave. We are just curious and seeking new adventures.

I can't say why people are holding so tightly from that everyday life and feels letting go from that to be too challenging. Many times that challenge in there is only in your head. People should try more to do things that they are dreaming of. We have just this one life. Use it well!

Until the next time! Bye!