Number one in our bucket list!

Many people writes down their bucket lists and the rest of them has it in their head. I mean those dreams you want to make coming true, those experiences you want to have and places you want to visit. There can be anything in your bucket list!

Nimetön suunn.malli (2).png

Eemeli and I have this one must to do- thing in common and that is going to Nepal and do a hike in Himalaya. So! (Drumming, please.) We are heading there first and then we can cross that up from our bucket list! ( By the way, that's a great idea for a blog post.)

So we're not heading straight away to the paradise beaches to escape cold and dark autumn of Finland. We are going to mountains! To hike for several weeks! Is there anything better? Probably many of you think that there is. But we are happier than ever!

Nimetön suunn.malli (1).png

We have planned to stay in Nepal over all about 45 days, so about one and a half month. From three to four weeks we are spending while hiking. We have plans to do that legendary Annapurna circuit and after that maybe an Annapurna base camp also. The length of this route is some in between 160- 230 km. It depends from where are you starting the hike and where are you ending it. The highest point in this route is Thorong La pass, which is 5416 kilometers high. So we are aiming to hike over 5 kilometers high and we really don't know how our bodies will cope with that. We will see. Nevertheless we are going there!

You know, I can't think no better way to start this trip of ours than going to hike for several weeks without a timeline or feel of hurry. We can just clear our minds and feel absolutely free. 

Have you done your own bucket list? What is in your list?

I think that this post will inspire us to do our bucket lists also! You can read those lists of course from here in this blog!