Everyday rushes and adaptation to life change.

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.
— Robin Sharma
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The idea of this blog post is just give you guys temporary information and simple just tell you how we are doing.

Well, we are doing great. Everything new and exciting is going to happen. We are also feeling rushed, stress, tiredness, occasional anxiety and little more rushed. Why, you wonder?

Well, it have to admit, that a big change for your lifestyle, even tough it's exhilarating, may cause a stress. There is many things you have to take for consider, many things you need to find out and things you have to do to succeed. We have been in this "state of transition" for a year. We are changing our lifestyle from this one to something completely different. At the beginning it meant mostly massive saving efforts and budgeting our expenditure and of course uncontrollable dreaming. Saving money has began to be a little bit obsession, and oh that amount of anxiety when there comes unexpected money flow.

We have started to sell our stuff little by little ages ago thinking that we have a lot of time left. Latest couple of months we have sold our stuff like crazy with ridiculously low price, cause we just have to get rid of everything before we are leaving this apartment. We are finding out everything we need to know and get all the little and also little bigger things for the travel. Hassle for vaccinations has been a little bit amusing and it has taken a lot of time and effort. The time caught us. Now it feels that we have still so much do and weeks are getting low. We have to denounce everything, make the address change and official announcement for leaving abroad and do this and that.

At this moment we have this situation when we can just cheer for happiness; we have no more than a month left for work. We have gave notice to our work places. We have terminated our rental agreement and we are moving out on the end of this month. Two last weeks in Finland we are on "vacation". Actually we are staying in Eemelis moms house for the last weeks, because we don't have an apartment then anymore. If we have forgotten to do something, then we have still time to do that. And of course then we have a great amount of time to see our friends and family, when we don't work anymore.Β 

But right now, in this actual moment we are still living in our almost empty apartment, working daily, work out regularly, try to have a social life and organize and prepare our departure and also maintain our social media.Β 

Both of us are doing shift work, also in weekends. Many times our work days are completely crossing and we see each other just passing by or in sleeping. That's not a problem usually, but vlogging together has become a really hard challenge to us. For now we just can't produce video material, cause our daily life is so hectic and our schedules just doesn't match up often. And that's why we have to put on hold our vlog channel for a moment and continue it when this hurry calms down. Blogs are coming out in the same way as before, as like instagram- and facebook account.

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It is a little bit hard to produce vlogs and blogs and prepare departure while doing a full-time job and and live your normal everyday life. So yes! We are a little bit stressed out and exhausted. We have a good reason to be. But it's so worth it! We are so excited about the upcoming trip and we really like vlogging and blogging. Maintaining those just needs time and effort.

But soon we are leaving this everyday life and getting to create a new daily life and telling stories about it with those vlogs and these blog posts! Stay tuned!