Who are we?

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We are a finnish couple who seeks for adventures and new experiences. We want to see the world, get to know new cultures and enjoying our lives.

In july of 2017 we finally decided to strive for our long-term dream about making a backpacking trip without knowing when or if we are coming back.

That's why we decided to quit our jobs, let go our apartment and our belongings, buy a one-way ticket to the world and just leave!

We left to the journey of our lives without knowing where the road leads!

We want to take you with us witness all the wonders, face all the obstacles that travels may throw in your way and experience this beautiful world!


eemeli, 23

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I did my first backpacking trip to Thailand with my friends in 2013, and since then I decided that in some day I will going to make a much longer backpacking trip. I always live in the moment and I do enjoy the freedom which backpacking gives me. Cooking is my passion and I am a chef for my profession. The best thing is to make great food and enjoy it with your loved ones. My spare time i prefer spend with sports and outdoor activities, though sometimes I just sit on the couch tempt by red wine and good food. From this trip I expect new experiences and meeting new people.

jenna, 24


I have always dreamed about travelling the world and living abroad. I have travelled whenever I have had an opportunity or when my monetary situation allows. I'm seeking new experiences and dreaming about feeling absolutely free. I'm a professional hairdresser and I also have studied business economics. Sport is my passion in which I spend almost all my spare time. I also enjoy writing and reading good books. I'm annoyingly systematic person, but my restless mind is graving to jump off from this everyday treadmill and let myself to go, come and be how I want.